STC signes a strategic partnership agreement with McDonalds Saudi

Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) signed, represented by the Employment Unit sector a strategic partnership agreement with Riyadh International Food Company (McDonalds Saudi) the distinguished owner of McDonald's Restaurant Chain within central, eastern and northern regions of Saudi. The agreement entails providing all technical telecommunications solutions and services and information technology and connecting all branches in central and eastern regions of Saudi.

The agreement was signed by Prince Walid Bin Nasser Al-Saud, Deputy Manager for work support, representing Riyadh International Food Company (Saudi McDonald's) and by Doctor Tareq Enaya, Senior Deputy for the employment sector, representing STC.

After signing the agreement Prince Walid announced: "We are cooperating with STC, as the leading company in the provision of telecommunications technical services and information technology in Saudi to fulfill our technical needs and to connect all our branches around Saudi in order to enable data exchange and to provide internet services to the restaurants' customers. One of the reasons we chose STC is the fact that it has all the tools and methodology which guarantees a stable and continuous service as well as providing the necessary technical support".

Dr Enaya said that: "Riyadh International Food Company (Saudi McDonald's) is a leader in its sector and an effective contributor to community development and we care about providing services and solutions telecommunications technology and information technology which will allow them to further improve themselves".

It is worth mentioning that STC provides for the demands and needs the public sector customers and large, medium and small enterprise sectors, via the largest data centers in the main cities and connected via the longest network of optical fibers in Saudi.

STC's Profile:
STC (Saudi Telecommunications Company) is based in Riyadh, and is considered the largest group in the middle east and north africa according to market value, for its revenue in 2014 was more than 45.83 billion riyals (12.22 billion US dollars) achieving net profits totalling 10.96 billion dollars (2.92 billion US dollars).

STC was set up in 1998 and now has approximately 100 million customers around the world, offering them creative solutions at the forefront of knowledge-based economy, which focuses on serving the customer via a network of optical fibers covering 147000 kilometers across Saudi (its main activity base) Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

STC manages the largest mobile phone network in the Middle East covering more than 99% of inhabited regions, as well as offering fourth generation 4G services to more than 85% of Saudi's population.

In addition to its main activity in KSA which it owns 100%, the group's investments include 100% ownership of the Bahraini Fifa Company, 26% ownership of Kuwaiti Fifa Company in addition to the directorship contract, and 35% share of owneership of the Emirati OG., which controls the Turkish Turk Telecom, Avea, and the South African Cell-C. It also owns a 25% of the Malaysian Binariang GSM Holding Company, which controls the Malysian Maxis Company and the Indian AirCel.

In addition STC owns investments in the field of information technology, content, distribution, call centers, and real estate which all go toward supporting the field of telecommunication operations in the Middle East.